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Schedule Actions Overview

Schedule actions are the options that appear when a user rights click on an empty cell or a record. You can add, remove, or change these options by editing records in the Schedule Actions object in Salesforce. One Schedule Action record equals one option in the right-click menu.

The most important attributes of an action are the Name (what the user sees) and the Method (which Javascript method is called when selecting it). However, it is important for the user experience to understand all attributes before tinkering with actions:

The following attributes are available when creating actions:

Schedule Action Name is the label shown to the user on the menu. Although all labels are in English by default, other languages can be used in this field to translate these options.

Schedule Object specifies that this action should only be shown when right-clicking on a record of a particular object type. If an object is specified, this action will not appear when right-clicking on an empty space. If you need to use one action for several types of objects, you can clone the action record and select a different schedule object.

If this is not specified, the action will appear when right-clicking any type of record as well as empty cells.
Also see: Hide if Empty.

Method should be the full qualifying path to a Javascript method that should be executed when selecting this option. You may use one of the standard actions that come with Isimio, or create your own using a Javascript plugin.

If no method is specified, this action will not do anything. This may be useful for setting up sub-menus (see the Parent field on this page).

Method Parameter is a text value that is sent to the method as a parameter. Some methods may use this parameter to perform slightly different actions, such as creating a record from a different object type.

Hide if Empty removes actions from the right-click menu if no records have been selected at all (such as when right-clicking on an empty cell). A good example of this is Copy, which should work on all objects, but not appear if the user did not select any record.

Filter Set is used to make an action only appear in certain scheduler configurations.

Parent is a relation to another Schedule Action record, which allows you to create a sub-menu in the context. When the user hovers over the selected Parent action with the mouse, a separate menu opens to the side with the current option.

Load Order controls the order in which this action will appear. A higher number means it will appear lower in the menu.

Icon is used to set the picture that will appear to the side of the action. The following values are supported:

  • A full or partial URL to an image, such as /resource/myimages/icon.jpg
  • A FontAwesome icon class. This class should be the type of icon (far, fas, etc), followed by a space, followed by the icon class. For example: fas fa-info-circle

    Isimio currently supports standard FontAwesome 5 icons. We will update to FontAwesome 6 once it is fully released.