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Creating Custom Actions

There are several ways of creating custom actions, depending on your capabilities:

Screen-Flow Actions

Screen flows are excellent no-code tool for capturing additional data from the user in a custom form. They can also alter records, create, or delete them, and use advanced logic and checks to guide the user through a process.

Learn about creating screen flows on Trailhead.

Once you have created a screen flow, use the flow standard action to launch it on the screen from a right-click menu option.

Background Flow Actions

Background flow actions are fire-and-forget actions that do not return feedback, and do not capture additional details from the user. These flows do not display any sort of response on the scheduler.

Once you have created the background flow, use the backgroundFlow standard action to execute it for the selected records.

Custom Javascript Methods

For developers who want fine-tuned control over what happens in the scheduler, you may create a Javascript method that is called when the user selects the option from the menu. To implement this, you must create a client-side plugin and add your code to the .js file.

The following is sample code that creates the method window.com.myCompany.openRecord:

window.com.myCompany = {
    openRecord: function() {
        //Get the first selected HTML element
        let selectedElement = window.com.kruvi.mouse.selected[0];

        //Get the record that the selected element represents
        let item = selectedElement.parent;

        //Open a new window with a URL composed of the record ID
        window.open("/" + item.id);