About Us

Who are the people behind Isimio, And why does it matter?

Most solutions force you to change your business process to fit it.

We design flexible solutions with the goal of enhancing your processes, not replacing them.

Our clients have built dozens of solutions to tackle even the most unique challenges, with our full support.

About Us Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
About Us Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
About Us Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
About Us Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
About Us Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution

Try Isimio's powerful and flexible workforce management solution instead.

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Our Story

How did Isimio start?

Every business requires some form of scheduling and resource planning. However, each business will have its own set of unique requirements.

We noticed a problem where a majority of the scheduling solutions only help users get 90% of the way. And any out-of-the-box changes will normally get you these responses:

  • Need a new button? Hmm, maybe in the next release.
  • Change what this thing is called? Sure, that’s $200 an hour.
  • Use your own design? QUIT DREAMING!

This is where Isimio is different!

You can easily configure and customize our application, whether it's done by us or your own resources.

With Isimio, We don't hinder your business, we support it.

Our Founder

A highly-certified salesforce architect

Isimio was founded by Amnon Kruvi, a highly-certified Salesforce architect, multiple times Salesforce MVP, community leader, and speaker.

With many years of experience in CRMs, consulting, and application development, and background in various industries, our products reflect the best practices from a multitude of verticals.

About Us Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
About Us Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Our Team & Core Values

Friendly & customer-focused experts

We hand-picked our team for their customer-oriented and can-do attitude, so we can provide the best possible customer experience for you.

As a business, we regularly support good causes by donating our time and services, volunteering for mentoring programmes, and offering discounts to nonprofits. Contact us to learn more.


What do our customers say?

K. Rice - Meher Spiritual Center

Amnon Kruvi is very knowledgeable in Salesforce and that helps us tremendously. He is also quick on his feet and generous with his mind! We looked hard for this type of work environment and are very (very!) satisfied.

M. Lavalette - Independent Consulting & Training

I evaluated a bunch of apps on the app exchange and this one was by far the best I found. On top of that, the developer did a lot of customization to make it work with the specific use case I had. This should greatly reduce the time spent manually setting up schedules.

P. Jolly - Salesforce Experts

All of our requirements were met: automations, user permissions, conditional colour difference, validations rules directly in Isimio Calendar. Best Part – You can customise it in any way to achieve your Business requirements and Amnon was just an email away to jump on call and help.

W. Smith - Savanna Staff Solutions Ltd.

It is fast, clear and easy to use and with the ability to have VOIP phone, whatsapp and sms
integration on it – I believe this is the best tool on the market.

K. Bingman - Healthcare Media LLC

We have a busy contact center and Isimio greatly simplifies our scheduling.

J. Ridge - 3B Forms

Now we can manage appointments, worker schedules and even appointments with a drag and drop interface that really speeds up managing schedule changes. Highly recommend!

Our Mission

What is Isimio's aim?

Our goal to help those around us is genuine, and demonstrable by our current community contributions.

Whether it’s the group meetups we help organise and present content for, or our distinguished history of helping others through community forums and social media, or the work we give away to the organisations that needed it.

Supporting us helps support others.

About Us Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
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