A Modern Scheduling Solution

Isimio is a fantastic scheduling tool for Salesforce, relevant to anyone who manages data revolving around dates and times. Gone are the days of writing things down on a whiteboard, or an excel spreadsheet that Susan created three years ago. You now have a modern alternative that works on the cloud, and interacts seamlessly with your other applications!


Built on the Salesforce platform, Isimio offers intuitive scheduling controls, including: copy/cut/paste functionality; keyboard shortcuts; drag & drop; undo/redo; filters; instant editing; and a host of other options to manage your data the way you want to. You can select what parent relation to group your records by, and swap between the different parents in real time.


Other than a modern UI, the scheduler also offers advanced functionality that will help you not only manage your data, but significantly improve it. Because it is built for Lightning, you can use Isimio on your mobile or tablet devices via the Salesforce app.

No Integration Required

Because Isimio can use any data model, you can connect it to your existing custom or 3rd party objects. This means there is no need to integrate it and create messy, failure-prone data synchronisation mechanisms. If your data already exists on the Salesforce platform, you can configure the existing data model and start using the scheduler in minutes.

Advanced Functionality

Isimio features machine learning matching algorithms, real-time data validations, and a host of tools to make work simpler. Whether you need the system to automatically match the best person to take on a job, or need to verify that support agents are not overloaded with critical tasks on tight deadlines, you can receive real-time advice and alerts that take the guesswork out of the equation.

True to Your Brand

You have a unique way of doing things, so don’t let an IT system tell you how to do it!

Isimio is designed from the ground up to be open to themes and plugins. The application can be modified to match your brand’s colour scheme, display different types of data in different formats, or even use your favourite font, to help drive engagement and make your users feel at home. Plugins allow you to implement your own business logic, tinker, and decide exactly how things work on the application.