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Features Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Features Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Features Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Features Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Features Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution

Automatically sent 4000+ messages over 100 workers per month for logistic staffing client.

Directly reduced 33% of the time it took to fill a weekly roster for a call center client.

£2,000,000 automatically interpreted from work data for a logistic client.


Create bespoke solutions with Isimio Scheduling

Features Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Designed to fit your business model

How do you keep on top of your date and time-based data?

Isimio offers powerful scheduling for many different use-cases. We help with manufacturing, healthcare, hotels, project management, and so much more.

Add and remove objects and fields to fit your exact needs, work with multiple types of data in a single screen.

Isimio checks your data for various policies and rules, and alerts you of any breaches using visual indicators.

We profile your resources and help you optimise your roster by offering instant recommendations.
Build your own features and custom screens using plugins, suitable for developers and non-coders alike.

What does our employee scheduling software offer?

Flexible Shift Rostering

Are your spreadsheets slowing you down and hurting your team's collaboration?

Stop using spreadsheets. Switch to a fast, intuitive, and intelligent rostering tool that tells you which workers are available and compliant.

Features Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution

Easy and powerful scheduling that increases the efficiency of your operations team.

Set conditional rules that check for breaks, work time, overtime, capacity, skills, certifications, and more!

Streamline your workflow with drag and drops, copy and paste, right-click options, and keyboard shortcuts.

Insight rich reports and dashboards that’ll help you identify areas to improve your productivity.

Features Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Time & Attendance, Compliance, and Payroll

You’re losing money on tedious, manual tasks

Isimio lets you track time, checks compliance, and calculates pay and bill rates. Get fast, accurate calculations and reduce the chances of human error.

Sign in and out of shifts in real-time from anywhere. Capture photos, signatures, and various location data to prove you were there.

Run your roster through an extensive set of configurable rules, and protect from fatigue, double-booking, visa restrictions, and more.

Calculate pay and detect overtime hours. Set pay and bill rates based on shift factors and hours worked.

Isimio instantly calculates the UK Fatigue and Risk scores for safety-critical jobs.

Worker's Mobile App

Do away with long phone conversations using our easy-to-use mobile app

Streamline communication with your workers using your own branded employee mobile app created by us.

Features Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution

Invite dozens of matching candidates with a single click, and start filling your shifts in minutes.

Save thousands on messaging fees by using our integrated chat function, included with our mobile application.

Put an end to phone calls by allowing your candidates to enter their availability via our mobile app.

Company-level contact tracing shows you who worked at the same location as people reported as ill.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

W. Smith - Savanna Staff Solutions Ltd.

It is fast, clear and easy to use and with the ability to have VOIP phone, whatsapp and sms
integration on it – I believe this is the best tool on the market.

K. Bingman - Healthcare Media LLC

We have a busy contact center and Isimio greatly simplifies our scheduling.

J. Ridge - 3B Forms

Now we can manage appointments, worker schedules and even appointments with a drag and drop interface that really speeds up managing schedule changes. Highly recommend!

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