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Cases and Objects Without Names

Isimio makes some use of objects’ standard Name field. This field exists in every custom object, and in most standard objects. However, some standard objects do not have a Name field. A good example of this is the Case object, which has a CaseNumber field instead.

In versions 1.58 and above, Isimio allows you to configure a replacement field to use instead of the standard Name field. This can also be used for objects with a name field, where you simply want to use a different field instead of the name. This functionality affects:

  • The names listed in the leftmost column of each row
  • The names shown as selectable options in Lookup field auto-complete results

To set this up, open the Schedule Object record of the object whose name field you want to change. In our example, this will be Case. If a record does not already exist for this record, create one. See Manual Configuration: Objects for information on creating a Schedule Object record.

In the Schedule Object record, find the field Name Field. In it, set the value to the API name of a field you wish to use instead of Name. For example: CaseNumber.

Next, create a Schedule Field record as a child of the schedule object (through the Fields related list). This field should have the same API name as the field you entered on the object. No specific parameters need to be selected for this field, but you can elect to make it Visible and/or Editable.