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Before getting started, it is best to familiarize yourself with the basic elements of the scheduler:

Views Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Basic scheduler elements

The above screenshot is of the default Daily View. Views can be changed by opening the menu and selecting View. Each view has unique properties:

  • Daily view is best suited for records with dates only, or where the time should not affect the visual representation of the record. Daily view displays a record according to their start date only.
  • GANTT view is best suited for records that can stretch over many days, or where the time should control the width of the record.
  • Hourly view is a vertical view which displays records in columns, rather than swimlanes. Use this view if there are no or few overlapping records in any given time frame.

On the left we have parent records, where each record has a swimlane. You can configure Isimio to use any object as a parent, so long as there is a relational field (lookup or master-detail) on the object that you are scheduling. You can swap between different parent objects by opening the menu, and selecting View.

Swimlanes are divided into columns, one for each day. In GANTT view, each day is further split into hours.

Inside the swimlanes are the scheduled records. Each record displays its start and end time, as well as any fields that have been marked as visible.