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Lookup Field Configuration

While editing a record inside Isimio Scheduling, a lookup field will display a list of results as you type. The list displayed will show record names only by default, but this can be customised to show additional fields.

To add additional fields to lookup search results:

  1. Open the target object in the Object Manager. For example, if your lookup field points to the Account object, open the Account object.
  2. From the tabs to the left, open Field Sets
  3. Create a new field set and add the fields you want to display in the results.
    NOTE: The Name field must be included and must be first in the list
  4. Save the field set
  5. From the App Launcher, find the Schedule Objects tab
  6. Open the object definition in which the lookup field resides
  7. In the Related section, search the Fields list for the lookup field and open the record
  8. In the Autocomplete Fieldset field, set the API name of your field set and save