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Interacting with the Schedule

A user can interact with the schedule in the following ways:

Double-click any empty space to create a new record. The object type that will be created is whichever object was configured as default (for more information, see Configuring Objects).

Double-click any record to edit it. The fields that appear in the form are the ones which have been configured with the Editable attribute.

Drag and drop a record from any cell to any other cell in order to change its time, or its relation to the parent object.

Press the DEL key on your keyboard in order to delete one or more selected records.

Drag a box from an empty space with your mouse in order to select multiple records.

Hold the CTRL key while clicking records to select multiple records.

Right click on a record to view additional actions, such as copy, cut, and paste. There are keyboard shortcuts available as well.