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The Configuration Tool

Isimio is an abstract solution, meaning it can work with most Salesforce objects. Before usage, we must first configure the scheduler with the objects and fields that we intend to work with.

The application supports standard, custom, and managed objects and fields.

Basic configuration allows you to select which objects and fields you wish the scheduler to load, save, and display. To access the configuration tool, first verify the following pre-requisites:

  1. Your user has access to the Isimio application
  2. Your user has access to a lightning page where the Scheduler component has been placed
  3. Your user has read, edit, and create permissions to the following objects:
    • Schedule Object
    • Schedule Field
  4. Your user has permissions to view the object(s) you wish to use in the scheduler.

It is best if the system administrator performs this configuration, though this is not a hard requirement.

To access the configuration tool, open the scheduler on any page. If you are prompted to pick an object to use, but none of the available options suit your needs, then select any option. Once the scheduler has loaded, click the menu button on the top-left corner of the component and select Configuration.

The Configuration Tool Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
If you do not see the Configuration option, please check the prerequisite list above.

You will be prompted before the configuration tool loads. Mishandling of this tool could result in unexpected behavior of the app. If you need assistance, we are happy to help.