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Package Installation

To ensure the best experience, we take a guided approach to installing Isimio. Contact us to request an installation on your existing org.

Once intsalled, you can find the application in the app launcher:

Package Installation Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Find the Isimio app in the app launcher

This application will provide tabs to access basic instructions, as well as advanced configuration for fields, objects, and actions. If this is your first time, focus on the Scheduler tab.

The first time you launch Isimio, you will be met with the setup wizard. The wizard should allow for quick configuration of a basic scheduling data model, allowing you to select an object to schedule, a parent to group by, and the fields you wish to see and edit. If the wizard does not present sufficient options, you can further configure the application using the built-in advanced configuration tool (inside the scheduler) or by editing records in the configuration objects Schedule Object and Schedule Field.

The Scheduler component can also be added to any lightning home, app, or record page. You do this by editing the lightning page, and dragging the Scheduler component from the list on the left side of the screen. When placed inside a record page, Isimio will attempt to detect and display only the records relevant to this page. For example, if the scheduler is placed on the user record page and shows opportunities by user, then only opportunities by the user that is being viewed will be shown.