January 28, 2021

Isimio Updates, January 2021

As usual, when you don’t see us writing many updates, it’s because we’re too busy writing an amazing product! Our developers have certainly kept busy with a host of new features with which to celebrate 2021:

Isimio Scheduler

  • You can now opt to use the new, Salesforce-based Record Edit Forms. These utilise your standard page layouts to decide which fields should show in the form and where, and may create a more familiar-looking environment when editing data.
  • We’ve added support for custom indexed start and end date fields. As you know, Salesforce does not allow placing a custom index on a date or date-time field without creating a support case. If you’ve reached certain data volumes and want to take advantage of field indexing, now you can do that without relying on anyone else! This can grant a large performance increase for organisations with a large amount of data.
  • Added support for Record Types in the scheduler, which will appear as a standard picklist.
  • Manual-Saving mode is a new (optional) working paradigm where changes made to records must be saved before they are sent to the database. You save by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+S, or by pressing the save icon. This feature can be enabled or disabled from the component configuration in your lightning page.
  • Validators have a new configuration UI. This means you don’t have to play around in the JSON-encoded parameters field to make changes, there is a graphical editor instead.
  • Dependent fields allow you to link the value of two date-time fields to one another. Dependent fields are date-time fields, but only show a time input. Their date is directly linked to the controlling field.
    For instance, if you set Controlling Field 1 to January 1st, 14:00,
    And set Dependent Field 1 to 11:30,
    Then the value of Dependent Field 1 will be January 1st, 11:30
  • When running Isimio in the context of a parent record, it can now control the default date range.
  • Plus many more quality of life updates to do with filters, dragging and dropping, time entry, and the menu.

Isimio Staffing

  • Skills version 2 is now available: this new update supports complex criteria, skill levels, and a hierarchy-based alternative skill check! This allows for far more accurate and complex skills validations. Version 1 skills is still available for those who need simpler configuration, and can work in conjunction with version 2.
  • Quickly invite all of the best matches with the new Quick Invite button. This button invites only matches who are eligible to take on a job (do not break any validations), and instantly sends them a push notification to the mobile app to take a shift.
  • Candidate matching now tracks Travel Time. This calculates driving time for candidates from their home or previous shift location to the location you need them to be, and affects the matching score.
  • The worker mobile app has some exciting new features, such as Live Chat (chat works using push notifications, which means there are no charges for SMS or WhatsApp per message), and Shift Commitment (allowing workers to commit to a shift a number of days in advance).
  • Payroll received some significant new features, including Split Rates, Rate Overrides, Rate Codes, and Double Overtime.

If you want to know more, or interested in trying out these new features, all you need to do is reach out! There’s a lot planned for 2021, so keep an eye on our blog for more exciting updates.

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