November 27, 2020

Kruvi Solutions Sponsors Nonprofit Dreamin


Kruvi Solutions, the company behind Isimio, is an official sponsor of Nonprofit Dreamin. To all our friends and clients in this sector, we invite you to join two virtual days of incredible learning opportunities, networking, and fun!

Tickets are now available. For details, visit

What is Nonprofit Dreamin?

This 2-day event is a professional conference for the nonprofit sector, aimed at those working within the Salesforce ecosystem. Organised by an international team of community leaders, Nonprofit Dreaming will feature some of the best speakers and content available in the community. These aren’t only learning sessions, there will be plenty of collaborative content and networking opportunities as well! You will leave the event with a whole slew of notes and ideas that you could implement in your Salesforce org.

NPD’s first event will be taking place on January 28-29, 2021.

We built Isimio on the Salesforce platform, and are an integral part of its ecosystem. As a company, Salesforce offers amazing support for charitable organisations: from and the Power of Us programme, who offer free licenses and support to nonprofit organisations, to the Nonprofit Success Pack that contains all the technical tools to get started, you will absolutely find a home in our ecosystem. This means that there are a lot of organisations on the platform, a lot of professionals, and a lot of tools aimed to help you help others.

Why Nonprofits?

After building Isimio Scheduling, the first product we developed on top of it is our tool for managing people. We aimed this tool at shift workers, and volunteers. There are a number of nonprofits using our services, and are proud of the support we deliver. But why?

Kruvi Solutions was founded by Amnon Kruvi, a Salesforce MVP, mentor, and volunteer. Our mission is to support the wider community around us, and we stick by it. We provide discounts to nonprofits, and in 2020 alone have donated thousands of pounds’ worth of services for free to organisations operating in the healthcare sphere. Oh, and we don’t just let our actions speak for us: we also talk about it.

The announcement of Nonprofit Dreamin triggered all our senses. So naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to support such an incredible event, and became their first official sponsor!

What can I do?

We’re so glad you asked!

There is only one thing we would like you to do now, and that is to visit Nonprofit Dreamin’s website to learn more. If you like the sound of the event, then book yourself a ticket (before they’re all gone).

And on the day, do come and support us in the demo jam. Or support someone else – there are bound to be some incredible applications to vote for.

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