May 4, 2020

Isimio introduces illness reporting for shift workers

Illness Reporting Header Image
The new Wellness feature in Isimio Staffing helps workers report illnesses, and instantly finds replacements without any hassle for managers. Learn about a simple tool to help get businesses back to the “New Normal”. After endless weeks of lockdown and closures, businesses and restaurants are finally talking about re-opening. One thing is for certain, however, and that is that business will never be “as usual” ever again. Social distancing measures will have to remain in place, and companies will need to take extra measures to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike – not only from CoV-SARS-2, but any other future pandemics.

Introducing: Wellness

It’s with this in mind that Isimio is introducing Wellness: a super-simple tool that allows workers to report their health status with a touch of a button, directly from our mobile app. Workers can report their status in seconds, at any hour of the day, and without having to call a manager. Following a health report, our application will instantly send an email to the manager with replacement recommendations. Isimio also tackles the issue of illness reports out of work hours by automatically offering affected shifts to suitable replacements. This creates a completely automatic mechanism of replacing ill shift workers!
Isimio introduces illness reporting for shift workers Isimio Salesforce Scheduling Solution
Just under the Time and Attendance button, workers will find a button to report their health status.

Don’t be Short-Staffed

Wellness couples well with another recent feature: Pre-Shift Confirmation. This allows a worker to confirm their intention to arrive to work only a few hours before their shift time. When a notification is not received, a consultant or manager can be alerted to make contact or find a replacement. This allows businesses to find staff replacement before the shift is meant to start, saving valuable time and trust.

Isimio also allows for automatic, time-based push notifications. Use these to remind staff of upcoming shifts, safety procedures, or other events they need to be made aware of.

About Isimio

Isimio is a powerful and flexible scheduling and planning tool, allowing to interact with all manner of date or time-based data in swim lanes, GANTT, agenda, or calendar views. Our staffing package is a perfect addon for staffing agencies and companies that roster shifts, tackling compliance calculation, skills and certifications, AWR, availability, gross pay and bill calculation, shift approval, and more! Find Isimio on the AppExchange, or learn about our staffing features.
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