Last updated: Nov 13, 2023


There isn’t any. We don’t work with advertisers, we don’t share your details with advertisers, and frankly, we don’t like advertisers.

Your Account

If you’re reading this, your employer most likely registered you for one of our apps. This means they hold data about you on a server application, the extent of which is up to them.

By enabling you to access this app, your employer shared with us the following details, which we keep in order to allow you to log in:

  1. Your email address,
  2. The company you work for.

Your account password is kept with us only. It is salted and encrypted, and we couldn’t tell you what it was even if we wanted to.

In order to provide certain services, such as push notifications, we also collect the following information from your device:

  1. A Firebase registration token, which we use to send a push notification just to your device,
  2. Your device IMEI and platform, to use the correct services according to your device type

Your Work Details

Details about your shifts are kept by your employer on our server application. We access this information for the purposes of transmitting it to your app when you perform certain functions, such as viewing the list of upcoming shifts or starting a shift.

We do not keep any record of these details ourselves, but we do have the ability to access this data until such a time as your employer revokes it. Without such access, the app wouldn’t work.

Your Identifying Information

When performing certain actions with this app, you send some identifying information to your employer. For instance, when signing in or out of a shift. Your device transmits the following details:

  1. Your device IMEI: So we can tell if more than one person is signing in from one device,
  2. Your geographic location (GPS): To help identify where you were when signing in and out of a shift,
  3. Your IP Address: To help locate where you were when signing in and out of a shift (in case no better information exists),
  4. Your device platform: To help us brag over how many more people use Android than iOS devices. Maybe also to help fix platform-specific things when they go wrong,
  5. Your device time: In case you’re offline, it lets us know when you actually signed in and out of your shift. Don’t try and trick your employer – they’ll know 😉

This app does not:

  1. Track your location in the background (unless you activate the Location Tracking option, which is unavailable for most of our users),
  2. Allow anyone to check where you are at any given time (unless you activate the Location Tracking option),
  3. Read your personal files on the device,
  4. Capture your conversations to send to [your country’s] secret services, Mark Zuckerburg, or our lizard-people overlords. Lizard-people TV is far more entertaining than your holiday snaps… or so we’ve been told.

Note that we have introduced a Location Tracking feature that allows, as an option, to track your live geographical location. This feature is unavailable for the vast majority of our users. Consult your employer to verify whether this is enabled.

Using Your Information

Phrases like “We value your privacy” have lost all meaning, so we won’t bother with them. Here’s when we’ll ever consider accessing your information:

  1. For regular system functionality (making this app work),
  2. Debugging issues you have reported (so that we can reconstruct what happened),
  3. Legal obligations – please don’t use this app if you’re planning on committing a crime, we don’t want to get involved.

That’s it. Stay safe out there on the Internet!