Isimio Staffing

Cover More Shifts with Isimio Staffing

Isimio Staffing provides a complete solution for staffing, workforce, or volunteer management on the Salesforce platform.

By combining the power of machine learning, compliance, and analytics, we bring you the power to fill high-volume shifts in minutes. Meanwhile, your consultants can rest assured their compliance needs are automatically met , your candidates make it to work on time, and any last-minute replacements are handled quickly and easily.


The most powerful and flexible scheduling application for Salesforce.

Time & Attendance

Geolocation-enabled signing in and out of shifts via our mobile app.

Candidate Mobile App

Candidates receive instant shift offers and book their own availability.

Compliance & Skills

Instantly validate shifts against regulations and skill requirements.

Smart Matching

Let machine-learning algorithms do the hard work of finding suitable candidates.

Open Shifts

Instantly broadcast shifts to dozens of automatically-screened candidates.

SMS Messaging

Integrated SMS messaging allows you to set up automated messages and reminders.

Live Maps

View live maps of shifts and instantly catch events as they happen.

Gross Pay & Billing

Define rate cards and calculate gross pay and client bills at the end of the week.

Availability Calendar

Track candidate availability on the same calendar you publish your shifts.


Leverage Salesforce' analytics tools to collect insights and KPIs.

Shift Demand

Keep groups of shifts synchronised as demand inevitably changes.

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Automate Communication and Compliance

With Isimio, your employees spend less time looking after candidates and clients, and more time transforming your business.

Using our mobile app, your candidates can now enter their availability in advance and without taking a moment of your consultants’ time. When a new requirement comes in, you can get smart predictions for the best candidates to fill it in seconds, and rather than call them one by one, instantly push the offer to their phones!

Clients will be delighted by the ability to approve shifts through a portal, book work orders, and view line-by-line charge details. Automatic pay and bill calculation means less time spent calculating complicated rate structures!

Powered by Isimio Scheduling

At its core, our staffing solution is powered by our incredible scheduler for the Salesforce platform. Create and manage work shifts quickly with mouse and keyboard shortcuts, get compliance alerts, candidate matching, pre-vetted shift invitations, and much more – directly from one convenient interface!