Enterprise-class Scheduling on Salesforce

Isimio is a tool for visually working with data related to dates and times. Take any data that you have, such as tasks, support cases, or work shifts, and display them in swimlanes, GANTT, agenda, or a calendar view automagically!


Get an instant workload overview for everyone in the business. Visually display and manage tasks by employee.

Support cases

Schedule and assign cases to agents, colored by priority, and validated to ensure your organizational policies.

Shift workers

Schedule shifts, time off, long-term placements – by employee, role, place, or client. Smart candidate matching.


Manage holidays for internal employees. Share the holiday calendar with the office so everyone’s in the know!


Schedule meetings, book rooms, and view room utilization in a real-time GANTT chart. Validate room availability.

Anything else

Have your own date or time-based data? Show it on the schedule, create your own plugins, change the UI, and go wild!

The Swiss Army Knife of Planning Tools

Swimlane Daily View

Perfect for low-volume daily activities, such as booking work shifts or availability where each employee is in its own row.

GANTT Time-Based View

Configurable day widths mean you can view both short term tasks in a single day, or multi-day placements lasting weeks.

Agenda View

Made for displaying personal schedules within the context of a contact record, or for users to view their own daily assignments.

Monthly Calendar View

Get a full overview over long date ranges. Great for event management, training sessions, and low-volume asset maintenance.

How does it work?

Excellent question!

You can place Isimio inside any Lightning page in your Salesforce org. To get started, select the object that you want to schedule from the list of objects in your system. This can be any object: standard, custom, or from a third party app. Next, pick the fields that represent the start and end dates or date-times, and then the fields you want to show and edit. That’s it! You’re all set up. It works directly with your selected object, so there is no need for complicated workflows to sync data between two sources.

But the data model is not the only thing that’s flexible about Isimio. Our comprehensive plugin system allows you, with the help of either your existing development resources or our own, to completely control the way the scheduler behaves. Want to brand it to your company palette? Add a shortcut to send messages? A button to make mass updates?  You’re encouraged to do so!

Thanks to this flexibility, Isimio can be used for any kind of planning or scheduling. We support medical consultations, staffing and shift workers, volunteers, holidays, interviews, maintenance, and much more!