What does Isimio do?
Isimio is a scheduling app. It lets you work visually and intuitively with objects that have a date or date-time component. Some examples of it are shifts, events, classes, and tasks – but you can select your own objects. Isimio sorts this data visually into swimlanes, which can be any parent record or picklist field on the object. From there, you can drag and drop records, create and edit them, copy and paste, and perform a host of functions without leaving the scheduler.

What objects does Isimio support?
Isimio supports most standard and all custom objects on Salesforce, including third party app objects. Opportunities, cases, contacts, accounts, tasks, events, and more are supported. All we need are date or date-time fields to represent a start and end time.

Can I have more than one object in the schedule?
Yes, Isimio supports multiple kinds of objects on the schedule. It also allows you to quickly switch between row objects.

What is Isimio used for?
Isimio is used for different things by different clients. We firmly believe that any business can benefit from our application, but some of the more common use-cases are:

  • Workforce management: shift rostering, availability tracking, requirement tracking
  • Patient and appointment management
  • Event and Task management
  • Class management

And of course, there is plenty more.

Can I style different records differently?
Yes, Isimio allows for conditional or non-conditional styling rules. This means you can create different backgrounds, borders, or other effects for records based on any field value.

Do I need to be a developer to customise Isimio?
No. Isimio offers a whole list of configuration options to control how it behaves. It also supports customisation through declarative automation tools, such as screen and background flows.

With that being said, a developer can push this application to the very limits of the platform by adding brand new functionality and styling.

What’s the difference between Isimio’s Validators and the standard Validation Rules?
Excellent question! There are a few differences. For starters, Salesforce validation rules can block records from being saved altogether, whereas Isimio’s validators flag records up, so that they can be fixed, with an appropriate color-coded severity level. Moreover, while validation rules can only perform basic checks on the record level itself, Isimio provides much more powerful logic that can examine records that aren’t directly related. For example, it can flag up a work shift if the accumulated work time for a single person is more than 40 hours in a week. These validations also support open-ended conditions.

What does the Matching Engine do?
Our matching engine is a powerful tool for finding the best resources for a requirement. For example, to find an appointment for a healthcare patient based on their condition and availability. The mechanism can be configured to profile your resources by various attributes, and supports writing completely custom algorithms with code for those who need it.

Once matching results are displayed, it takes one click to assign the requirement to the selected resource.

Our workforce management package also offers the ability to send a shift offer to matching workers, and have them accept or reject it.

Are there any per-message fees for chatting through the Isimio mobile app?
No, there are no per-message fees when chatting over Isimio’s app.
Sending SMS or Whatsapp messages may incur a fee, depending on your chosen provider.

Can I report on this data?
Yes, all data scheduled with Isimio can be reported on using the standard reporting tool available in Salesforce. You can also create dashboards and various automation around events.