Isimio Updates, September 2020

Some of our Isimio’s most anticipated roadmap features are now being let loose in the wild! Allow me to be frank, some of these are the kind of features that we haven’t even considered to release this year – so we’re very happy to have made such progress this month.

Isimio Scheduler

  • Multi-row objects are now available. If your scheduled object has several relational fields to the parent object that forms the rows, each of these lookups will create its own box for the record in the appropriate row – instead of only the primary one. For example, you could set a secondary worker at a shift or work order.
  • Weekly-repeating records are now in. This allows for a single record to be shown in the schedule every specific day(s) of the week, regardless of the actual date. Use this to mark regular availability (for people who are never available on weekends, for instance) or classes that repeat on a weekly schedule.
  • Default start and end times can now be set on each object individually using configuration. To achieve this, set a default value on the start and end date fields in the format HH:MM
  • When we say Isimio is a scheduler for anything, we mean anything. We now support standard Salesforce objects that do not have a Name field, such as cases, to be used as table rows. This also enables such objects to be shown in lookup field auto-complete results.
  • Added a new data validator: record counter. This validator allows you to set a maximum of records that can be set over a time period. For example, a maximum number of high-priority tasks in a calendar week.
  • We’ve also added some new buttons, keyboard shortcuts, and performance improvements.

Isimio Staffing

  • [Beta] Flexible Invoicing is available for select users. Invoicing allows you to collect the various charges generated by our time interpretation module, group them by particular factors (such as the contract, place, or role) and generate a PDF invoice. Invoices are automatically sent to relevant client contacts.
  • [Beta] Mobile Chat is now available through our worker mobile app! It’s time to end expensive text tariffs and slow email, and switch to our new, push-notification-based, instant chat. A chat window can be placed on the worker page and in the utility bar, so that sending a message to someone is super simple. Comes included for all Isimio Mobile users.
  • Rosters allow you to set standardised start and end times for shifts. That’s two things that no longer need to be typed!

Nonprofit? Catch a live demonstration of Isimio Staffing for volunteer management!

We’re going to be demonstrating our solution publicly in October at a virtual nonprofit community group. It’s an excellent opportunity to see how Isimio can automate the process of volunteer management, and improve the lives of your office staff, volunteers, and most importantly: those you help.

More information will appear on our blog soon!