Isimio Updates, August 2020

We know, it’s been a while since our last update. But we can genuinely say that it’s not because we didn’t have anything to share, rather we’ve been far too busy designing new features and tuning into new usage models. We wanted to take the time to update you on some of our shiny new features!

Staffing: Wellness Management

With everything that’s going on around us, it wouldn’t be right not to add some wellness management tools. Isimio’s new Wellness Tracking page provides a simple overview of workers’ health status, which they can report at any time using the mobile app. Moreover, it provides information about the people who worked with them most closely over the past 2 weeks. This creates an effective internal contact tracing mechanism, and lets you control any outbreaks within your candidate pool.

Alongside it, we have added a new validation type for capacity checking. Work locations can now be defined with a maximum capacity, and breaching this capacity at any one time would mark the offending shift.

Staffing: Redesigned Client Shift Approval Module

Allow your clients to approve or comment on shifts at the end of the week through an easy-to-use, password-less portal. You can even set periodic reminders to remind your client to approve the work done for them. Our new shift approval module makes it very easy for your clients to communicate their satisfaction with you.

Staffing: Dynamic Shift Maps

We’ve previously introduced a live shift map to keep track of live work status. We understand that everyone wants to see different information, and that sometimes different people may be in charge of different cross-sections of the work you carry out. For this reason, we’ve introduced the ability to create your own maps! Creating a new shift map is as easy as defining the filters for the shifts and people you want to see.

Staffing: Payroll Calculation Updates

While calculating the complete pay and bill figures for the week has always been super simple on Isimio Staffing, we’ve introduced a couple of features that make it even better! Our users now have the ability to set more exact criteria for shifts to determine when they are processed. For example, if you do not want to pay a shift until it’s been approved by the client – or if you want to process cancelled shifts – that is now a simple matter of configuration.

Staffing: Individual Skill Requirements

One of the checks Isimio performs for every shift is skills and licenses. It’s easy to create skill requirements for job roles, clients, and locations – but you can now define individual skill requirements for workers. This allows you to keep track of required certifications or licenses which may need to be periodically renewed. Once a skill or license is about to elapse, you will see warnings directly in the shift schedule until it is renewed.

All Modules: Matching Updates

We’ve upgraded our matching engine to be even more configurable! It can now be set to run separately for different data sets, allowing you to create different sets of insights for records meeting different criteria.

Scheduler: Business Hours

Our scheduler’s GANTT view shows records according to their actual hours on the timeline. However, we understand that most businesses only operate within certain hours, and do not want to see the period outside their business hours. We’ve added the ability to set business hours on the scheduler component so you can only see the hours you care for.

Scheduler: Child Filters

We’ve added support for filtering rows by attributes of child records. For example, filter candidates by those having specific skills, or those who have worked for a particular client.

Scheduler: Data Access Bypass

Objects which appear in the scheduler now have the option of bypassing your standard data security model. This allows you to load data into the scheduler which would otherwise be hidden from the user. Use sparingly where necessary!

Scheduler: Performance Improvements

We’ve bashed our head against the keyboard long enough to come up with significantly more efficient code for our scheduler! Enjoy a smoother experience while you drag, copy, and edit your data.

And more…

We won’t go into detail about every improvement we’ve made, but rest assured that the list above is partial. Customer feedback is what drives this product, and we thank everyone who shared their experience with us. There will be more coming in the months ahead as we focus on some exciting new features!