Isimio Staffing

Flexible Scheduling and Compliance on Salesforce

Cover More Shifts with Isimio Staffing!

Isimio Staffing provides a complete solution for staffing, workforce, or volunteer management on the Salesforce platform.

By combining the power of machine learning, compliance, and analytics, we bring you the power to fill high-volume shifts in minutes. Meanwhile, your consultants can rest assured their compliance needs are automatically met , your candidates make it to work on time, and any last-minute replacements are handled quickly and easily.


The most powerful and flexible scheduling application for Salesforce.

Time & Attendance

Geolocation-enabled signing in and out of shifts via our mobile app.


Leverage Salesforce' analytics tools to collect insights and KPIs.


Instantly validate shifts against your configurable compliance rules.

Open Shifts

Instantly broadcast shifts to dozens of automatically-screened candidates.

Smart Matching

Let machine-learning algorithms do the hard work of finding suitable candidates.


Track candidate availability on the same calendar you publish your shifts.


Create and track requirements for skills, licenses, and certifications.

Shift Demand

Keep groups of shifts in-sync as demand inevitably changes.

Only The Best

Isimio can help you cut down on the time, effort, and costs of filling shifts, and helps you make full use of your existing candidates. By cataloguing all of their information in one place, our machine-learning algorithm can instantly match and display your best candidates for any job!

We instantly check for compliance, availability, skills, licenses, rest, chance of lateness, and more – so you don’t have to. All that’s left is to press a button, and your top matches receive an instant push notification to accept or decline the shift.

Staffing - Your Way

Isimio Staffing includes all standard Isimio capabilities, including the ability to configure the data model and create plugins. Should you ever want to implement additional business logic or processes, we will make sure that you are able to!* Why should you tie your business to your IT systems, when you can model your IT systems after your business?

* Isimio allows the development of plugins and reconfiguration of the data model (to a reasonable extent) by any customer. Consulting and development services are offered separately.

Want to Know More?

We will be happy to present a demo for you and let you try it out for free. Just let us know here.