Isimio Staffing - Workforce and Volunteer Management

Isimio staffing is a complete workforce management solution, handling the work lifecycle from capture to completion. If you manage shift workers, you can increase efficiency by cutting the time you spend on the phone, and using smart, automated tools for the everyday tasks that take time out of your day.

Increase performance of day-to-day tasks

  • Shift Scheduling
    Reduce time to fill with our machine-learning, flexible matching tools and shift-bidding functionality.
  • Compliance
    Checks for skills, licenses, overtime, breaks, attributes, and more.
    Geocoded time & attendance, live shift maps, advanced shift confirmation, and task tracking.
  • Time Interpretation
    Turn shift data into pay and bill charges using our advanced rate cards.
  • Candidate Mobile App
    A mobile app for reporting availability and illnesses, shift bidding, and direct communication with the business.
  • Candidate Matching
    Use your data to instantly recommend the right person for any job.
  • Contact Tracing
    When a candidate reports an illness, quickly discover who worked with them over the past 14 days.
  • Automation
    Add workflows to automate your workforce management experience with custom emails and actions.
Screenshot of a map and mobile app from Isimio Staffing workforce management platform

The Benefits of Isimio Staffing

Significantly reduce the time it takes to perform tedious, everyday tasks, across multiple teams. Here are a few examples:

  • Fill shifts in minutes by sending invitations to eligible candidates, which they can accept directly on their smartphone (no calls required).
  • Run time interpretation with a single click to calculate gross pay and bill amounts.
  • Plan shifts with live compliance and policy checks.

And best of all? You have the power to expand, customise, and redesign the system to meet your unique business needs.

As it’s built on a CRM platform, you can capture all your worker and candidate details, manage internal tasks, and build your own reports and dashboards to enhance collaboration and maximise the output of your teams.

A Brief Overview

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