Flexible Scheduling and Compliance on Salesforce

A Modern Scheduling Solution

Isimio is a fantastic scheduling tool for anyone who manages data revolving around dates and times. Gone are the days of writing things down on a whiteboard, or an excel spreadsheet that Susan created three years ago. You now have a modern alternative that works on the Salesforce platform, that interacts seamlessly with your other applications!

Built on the Salesforce Lightning platform, Isimio offers intuitive scheduling controls, including: copy/cut/paste functionality; keyboard shortcuts; drag & drop; undo/redo; filters; instant editing; and a host of other options to manage your data the way you want to. You can select what parent relation to group your records by, and swap between the different parents in real time.

Other than a modern UI, the scheduler also offers advanced functionality that will help you not only manage your data, but significantly improve it. Because it is built for Lightning, you can use Isimio on your mobile or tablet devices via the Salesforce app.

Smart Matching

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Isimio’s machine-learning matching engine can give you insights into your data, and suggest the best options to complete it. Have a new opportunity, but don’t know which of your salespeople is best to assign it to? Our smart matching algorithms can show you who your best pick would be. You tell if what factors matter to you, and receive a sorted and detailed list in return. It’s not just a scheduling tool – it’s another member of your team!

Real-time Validations

Configure your business policies, industry guidelines, or local laws as validation rules, and receive real time alerts if you exceed them! Double-bookings frustrating your staff? Check for overlapping records. Overtime pay cutting into your earnings? Set a limit on how many hours your staff can work in a single week. You can either configure our built-in validation rules, or create your own. Your results appear instantly right on the scheduling interface.
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Completely Flexible Scheduling App

Isimio is designed with developers in mind. Every single piece is extensible and replaceable with your own custom code – even server-side controllers and logic!

It’s all thanks to our metadata-driven application design, allowing you to select or create a handler for every action. Build plugins with your own styling, change the code behind the paste function, add context menu actions, and create your own matching algorithm – all of this, and so much more.