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Add Value to Your Salesforce Applications with Isimio

Are you a Salesforce ISV with its own app?Did you know Isimio is built to work with partners without any complicated integrations?Read on, and let’s build something amazing together! If you have an application that works with date-related information, then you have probably considered utilising a scheduling tool in your offering. If that seems like… Read more

Does this new view make me look vertical?

Isimio’s goal is to support as many scheduling use-cases. We started with swimlanes, proceeded to GANTT, and now we would like to introduce our new Vertical View! As we hear more from the wonderful Salesforce community, more ideas and requests make it onto our development list. Recently, one such request had us changing our frame… Read more

Big Data? Meet Big Performance

Image by Edwin van Buuringen When it comes to Salesforce applications, performance is a key factor in providing a positive user experience. With every added feature (and especially for those users with larger amounts of data) applications normally sacrifice performance for the sake of features. But Isimio isn’t “normal”, is it? We are excited to… Read more

Isimio Updates: 06/02/2019

A whole 8 days since we published an update might seem very long – but we’re still pushing ahead at full speed! We regularly gather feedback from our userbase, it’s what guides us. The recent weeks’ feedback has been instrumental as ever in directing how the product develops. So thanks to it, we have the… Read more

Isimio Updates: 29/01/19

One of the things that keeps us busiest is listening to user feedback. We don’t want to be one of those companies that make promises and never deliver (if they even make a promise at all). This is one of the reasons we’ve selected Salesforce to be our platform: each organization can update at their… Read more

Isimio Staffing Pioneers Shift Demand

As the staffing industry evolves, new and modern solutions must evolve with it. Isimio’s new package for staffing now addresses the issue of variable demand for staff by introducing variable Shift Demand capabilities. Combined with open shifts powered by our machine learning algorithms, Isimio offers unparalleled support for shift fulfillment – whether you need to… Read more