ISIMIO Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling and Compliance on Salesforce

The Best Scheduler. For Anything.

Do you employ or manage shift workers? Track support cases and SLAs? Maybe you just need a system to book meetings and make sure attendees are available. Whatever data you intend to schedule, you’ve come to the right place!

Shift Workers

Schedule shifts, time off, long-term placements – by employee, role, place, or client. Smart candidate matching.


Schedule meetings, book rooms, and view room utilization in a real-time GANTT chart. Validate room availability.

Support Cases

Schedule and assign cases to agents, colored by priority, and validated to ensure your organizational policies.

Custom Use Cases

Have your own date or time-based data? Show it on the schedule, create your own plugins, change the UI, and go wild!

Isimio Staffing

Manage high-volume staff, volunteers, and general workforce with our amazing staffing solution!

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Isimio Assets

Manage asset maintenance tasks and make the most urgent issues visible to your technicians.

Coming soon.

Isimio Scheduling

Manage tasks, meetings, cases, or any other data you keep on the Salesforce platform using our scheduler.

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Lightning Speed

Built natively for the Lightning platform, Isimio lets you view and edit your data faster than you’ve ever been able to.

Smart Validation

Validates your data against sophisticated (and configurable) rules and policies. Alerts you the moment you breach them.

Incredibly Configurable

Schedule work shifts, sales, support cases, meetings… Any standard or custom object with a date or time.

Advanced Scheduling

Work with data on Salesforce with advanced UI features, such as drag & drop, copy & paste, undo & redo, right-click menus, and more.

Plugin Support

Supports self-built plugins in Javascript, CSS, and Apex (server-side) code. You can build them yourself, or ask us to!

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